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The International Society of Secularists (ISS) Outline

March 11, 2008

My original outline that I published was fairly detailed and I think it conveys the sense that the ISS will be a fairly comprehensive organization.  Hopefully it also shows that I have done a great deal of thinking and researching, and that I am a good candidate to lead the project.  However, it does seem a bit cluttered at the moment.  Originally, I grouped it into four main categories: support, community, activism, and outreach.  There seemed to be a great deal of overlap in some of the activities listed for each category, and to be honest, I think it needs to be re-organized.

Every so often, I will update the outline and published a revised version of it.  Since one reason I’m publishing my work is to receive feedback on it, please feel free to comment on it.  A fresh pair of eyes will be able to tell me where I am making mistakes, as well as where I and the outline in particular are strong.

The outline will probably be the main source of the goal focused section of the organization’s constitution.  I will begin work on an outline for the organization’s structure in the near future.

The three new categories for the goal outline are:

Community, Service, and Outreach

The activities that had been under social support are now a subgroup under community, and activism is now under outreach.  So, without otherwise changing or adding to the outline yet, here’s what it looks like:


Regular social gatherings for each chapter
Mentors to help those in need
Legal (will probably come later after organization grows):
Separation of church and state
Celebrations and ceremonies:
Funerals/memorial gatherings
Coming out parties
Secular holidays? Winter solstice, etc…
Conferences/other events:
Work with United Way (or other organizations), other service orgs

religious leaders:
meetings, letters, phone calls
public relations w/media
press releases
meetings, letters, phone calls
other atheist/secular/nonreligious groups:
attend their meetings, conferences, write them letters, PR efforts
general public (through media, activism):
telling them we exist and are here to support atheists and their families and friends
Mail outs/handouts


You might notice that the Service category is now underdeveloped compared to the other two.  The reason I decided to make it a main category is because service to the community (the general community outside of the atheist community) will help raise the general public’s opinion about atheists, and I think it gives both a sense of purpose for atheist social groups and an avenue for our outreach efforts to religious leaders and holders of public office.  Of course, if you disagree, feel free to tell me why.  You might change my mind about something.

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