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Barack Obama and John McCain on Religion

June 17, 2008

I noticed this very interesting speech given by Barack Obama tonight. I don’t know where or when he gave it, but it seems like he is on the verge of advocating separation of church and state.

I have not yet found a recent video featuring John McCain on religion. It appears he has been very quiet on the topic lately:

However, I did find a video from before the primary season that is somewhat troubling – somewhat because he was at least partially making these statements with the primary season in mind:

I don’t (publicly) endorse either candidate, but it seems as though these two different approaches to the issue of separation of church and state might contribute to the decision of non-believers.


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  1. Ben permalink

    WOW!.. that was an awesome speech from Obama.

  2. Chris permalink

    McCain attributes “In God We Trust” to the founding fathers… he really should read up on the history of the phrase:

    It wasn’t made the motto until 1956, when McCain should have been about around 20 years old. I understand younger people not knowing the history of the phrase, but he was an adult when it was adopted, surely he should understand its history better.

    I’m so tired of “In God We Trust” being tossed out as proof that our “founding fathers” built the country on Christian values.

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